5 Reason’s to have a DJ on your party

persian wedding reception 6 300x202 5 Reasons to have a DJ on your party

For the most of Afghan people, the performans of  Afghan DJ on wedding / engagement party is a new happening.

A lot of (old) Afghan people don’t understand why they should invite a DJ. We give you information that can be communicated to your family and friends.

5 critical reasons why you should definitely invite a DJ on your party.

1. DJ brings ‘all’ singers/voices/songs to your party.

2. The songs are original so you have the best music quality.

3. Afghan DJ can mix Arabic, Iranian or Western music in the right way for your Afghan and not Afghan quests.

4. Professional Afghan DJ can let you dance non-stop 1 hour or more and doesn’t take long breakes.

5. DJ’s can prepair their music mix so you will hear the songs you love to hear.

Off course you can combine DJ with a singer. In this case you will have the best party ever, but you have to make a good agreenments between you, the singer and the DJ.

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