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How much are the DJ prices? We conclude that the price to hire a European DJ is much higher than Afghan DJ.

The reasonable price for a professional Afghan DJ performing on a wedding party is 650 – 1000 euro.

We made a selection of some DJ’s we found on to give you idea about the price people pay for a DJ performance in Europe.

Famous European DJ’s:

Mental Theo  2hours  € 2975.00 without sound and light

Johan Gielen 2hours € 3450.00 without sound and light

DJ Porny 20minutes € 1295,00 with 2 dancers, without sound and light


Not famous European DJ’s:

Glenn B 2hours € 995,00 without sound and light

Maarten 4hours € 500,00 allround music styles, without sound and light

Franky B 2hours € 795,00 including sound with capacity +/- 400 persons nog light-show

All prices are excl. 19% tax

If we compare the prices of famous European DJ’s to famous Afghan singers then we see that te prices are 2 – 3 times higher. By comparing famous European DJ with Afghan famous DJ prices we conclude that European prices are average 3 – 4 times higher than Afghan prices.

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